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piano moving equipment Piano Dollies – Wheels – Grand Piano Truck Dollies – Moving equipment. grand piano truck dollies, upright piano dollies, Digital & Electric Piano Dollies, Organ Dollies. Transporters, Tilters, Lifters, Electric Dolly, Hydraulic & stair climbing dolly. straps, Buckles & piano moving equipment.having movers move your piano Moving Company Gaithersburg Maryland, Virginia and DC – Bargain Movers is one of the most Reliable moving company, who is offering great moving services in Gaithersburg Maryland, Virginia and D.C.

Modern Piano Moving was the highest and when I called to ask why their prices were higher than their competitors, they told me that they don’t subcontract any of the work. All their employees belong to the company so if a mishap occurs, they take full responsibility since they are the only ones.

I whole-heartedly encourage the engaging of Modern Piano to move something as precious as a piano. My sister had used Modern Piano to move a baby grand from California to Spokane, WA., as she was moving in with my 97 year-old mother, who had enjoyed her baby grand for 65 years.

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The piano almost bumped into the wall while the moving workers struggle to keep the piano on the small moving board. On January 10, 2018, we receive a notice by Angie from Modern Piano Moving that the "When the piano was loaded for delivery there was a glued joint on the key cover that failed.

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Our movers are specifically trained to pad and stretch wrap all pianos or organs, and they are securely placed on a piano board or 4-wheel moving dolly for transportation. Our movers will remove legs, pedals, music stands, or anything else on the exterior of the piano, and ensure each receive the proper protection as they are loaded onto our.

Modern Piano was established in 1935 as the first piano only moving company in St. Louis, Missouri. Built on a strong reputation for quality care and professional service, modern piano moving prospered. modern piano Moving is dedicated to being the best.

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