old upright piano

Note: We are primarily seeking vintage Steinway grand pianos for rebuilding. We are not purchasing any old upright pianos from 1950 and earlier, due to a full inventory. To give you a fair price and to properly evaluate your piano, we will need to know a few details.

Media captionJohn Gregory of J Reid pianos in London explains how he disposes of instruments which have reached the end of their natural lives Many old pianos are now being dumped, abandoned.

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An upright piano can weigh anywhere from 300 to 900 pounds (136.1 to 408.2 kilograms). Moving anything of this size calls for several people.

This article is a list of piano brand names from all over the world. This list also includes names of old instruments which are no longer in production. Many of these piano brand names are "stencil pianos", which means that the company which owns the brand name is simply applying the name to a piano manufactured for them by another company, and that the same or very similar pianos are sold.

“We appreciate everybody, all our customers old and new over the years. “My great-aunt, who was his sister-in-law, Mary.

Old Pianos may definitely be antiques, however not in the same category as an old eastlake bedroom set that belong to great grandparents. These old instruments get worn out after decades or centuries of use, and may easily cost thousands of dollars to restore.

Even a small upright piano can be as large as a couch.. Boston, the old piano back in Pennsylvania was being used to display family photos.

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An upright piano is a piano with a rectangular wooden casing in which the strings run vertically, so it takes up less space than a grand piano. Upright pianos vary in size, so their weight varies. Large or full-size upright pianos can weigh more than 800 pounds. A small upright piano typically weighs between 300 to 500 pounds.

I am an artist and musician and I already own a piano that I play on a regular basis. My family and I had just moved into a home for the first time, and I wanted a desk for my office but a lot of them were so expensive. Then I came across a post on Facebook of someone turning a piano into a desk.