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Moving a piano to another house, or even moving a piano to another room is never that simple. In fact, it’s a rather complicated and delicate process because, besides the weight, the other factor that troubles the whole process is the awkward bulkiness of these lovely musical instruments.

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6 Piano Moving Tips from a Toronto Moving Company Moving one piano can be more complicated than moving an entire house. This large instrument is not just heavy, it’s highly delicate.

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Step 1. Decide – Piano movers or a DIY move. The first step in this lengthy and hard process is to choose whether to move your piano by yourself or hire the services of a piano moving company. This decision will determine the further steps you will have to take. Keep in mind that choosing piano movers is the better of the two options.

Lifting the piano. With two people on each end of the piano, place the moving straps under the piano’s bottom, with a strap on each end. With one person holding one end of the strap (you should now have four people helping, each supporting the four corners), lift the piano onto the furniture dolly. Now secure it,

It will always be best to hire a professional for any piano move but if you are forced to do so yourself, here are some tips: All parts of the piano should be padded. This is to ensure that there are no parts of the piano (wood or metal) that will be hitting in the truck in case of movement. Wrap the piano in shrink wrap.

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