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What is a Tuner? A tuner is a device capable of accurately detecting the pitch of notes. It can be used for two slightly different purposes: for initial tuning (the one described in the quick start guide), and for checking if you play in tune with yourself.

Entropy Piano Tuner (EPT) – a free software for piano tuning.

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Piano tuning software – Free download for Android, iOS, Windows, OSX, and Linux

According to the the Piano Technicians Guild, piano tuning is the adjustment of the piano’s tuning pins so that all the strings have the proper tension (pitch) to produce the correct-sounding musical intervals. To tune a piano, technicians adjust the tension of each of the piano’s strings until they are in the standard tuning of A440, which means that the A above middle C vibrates at 440 cycles per second.

A piano tuner’s most basic tools include the tuning lever (or "hammer") and mutes An illustration of beating. The sum (blue) of two waves (red, green) is shown as one of the waves increases in frequency. The two waves are initially identical, then the frequency of the green wave is gradually increased by 25%.

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Hello and welcome to Mehaffey Piano Tuning website. We are available for piano tuning, sales, and repairs. We are located in the Pomona Valley and Claremont area. Trained by an award winning piano specialist, we are experienced piano technicians that are able to bring out the best tone in your piano.

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2019-09-06  · How to Clean a Piano. Having your own piano is a great privilege, but proper care must be taken to keep the instrument clean and free of damage. With.

How to tune a piano. It is surprisingly easy with this piano tuning software (MS Windows & Apple OS X). Download and try free tuning software here.