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This person solved the problem by saying, "Well, what if we agree that this assistance will be called a signing bonus?" Get it in writing. Once you and the company agree on a compensation package for your relocation expenses, make sure you capture that agreement in writing. A formal contract is not necessary, just a simple signed letter.

Cost-of-living adjustments and relocation bonuses are common. Organizations in states with high tax rates may need to use these incentives to lure employees.

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Bonuses and reimbursable moving expenses, such as house hunting relocation reimbursements, are additions to the employee’s taxable income, requiring employers to also pay standard payroll taxes such as Federal, State and FICA. In a lump-sum bonus program, the employee is responsible for the relocation bonus tax.

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Generally, a relocation assistance package is intended to cover relocation costs. Many people can make considerable money on relocation however depending on your current living expenses. These are also subject to IRS regulations (in the USA). A sign on bonus is normally more intended to sweeten the deal or convince the candidate to accept the.

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Pay & Leave Recruitment, Relocation & retention incentives. fact sheet: Recruitment Incentives Description. An agency may pay a recruitment incentive to a newly-appointed employee if the agency has determined that the position is likely to be difficult to fill in the absence of an incentive.

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Relocation can be expensive, but you might not have to incur the high costs on your. "Well, what if we agree that this assistance will be called a signing bonus?

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I recently received my relocation bonus. The amount was $4800 ($7500-$2700(tax)). I did not relocate anything so I have no recipts. I did however rent a car to drive to the new location, and then another that I used for almost 2 weeks before I bought a car. Please let me know if and how I can get as much of that $2700 back that was withheld as tax !